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Transparent Secure Poly Bags

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In order to get visibility of the products or documents or shipment, it is widely used by the companies who want their product or documents or contents to be seen by the users. It offers economical, low unit cost, low posting costs, fast & easy to use, lightweight, water resistant & tamper proof security.

The Securement Bags works in a peel and seal adhesive technique which provides tamper resistant security for the contents. These are an inexpensive and perfect way for shipping a variety of items.They are capable of withstanding fraudulent attempts are resistant to high or low tempering efforts. Our poly mailers will allow you to reduce shipping costs while ensuring that your products are protected from the elements. Incredibly strong and tear resistant our poly bags are ideal for shipping various items and documents.

Suggested applications :

  • Mailing Invoices, Important papers
  • Sending Brochures
  • Transporting Examination Papers and answer sheet
  • Storage of Important Data and products

Features :

  • Hot melt adhesive strip on the top which ensures that packets once sealed can not be opened without tearing the packet
  • Strict 60 Microns quality
  • Easy Peel & Seal Closure
  • >Easy to write on bag. Accepts Permanent Marker, stamps or franking.
  • Weatherproof, Tear and Moisture Resistant
  • Optional Features
    > Sequential Barcoding
    > Void Tape
    > Sequential Numbering
    > Customized Printing Upto 5 Colours

Optional Features :

Standard Sizes Ready in stock:

1 6" X 10" 1.5 60
2 7" X 10" 2 60
3 8" X 10" 2 60
4 10" X 12" 2 60
4 12" X 16" 2 60
6 14" X 18" 2 60
7 15" X 19" 2 60

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More Details :

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